No Poison Pill Riders in the Minibus, Coalition Letter to Congress Demands

The ‘minibus’ appropriations package should contain no poison pill policy riders, the Clean Budget Coalition insisted in a letter sent to all 535 members of Congress today. The letter also urges Congress to pass legislation that does not unilaterally violate the Budget Control Act, which requires commensurate increases for defense and non-defense funding. Congress should pass clean funding bills in a timely manner under regular order.

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Letter: No Ideological Riders in the Minibus

Contentious poison pill riders are intended to advance the priorities of special interest donors and supporters. These riders have no business in the proposed “defense” minibus. In fact, this bill creates a new level of damaging riders by adding in a controversial rider to provide funding for a border wall that is unrelated to any of the four bills into the language.

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The Clean Budget Coalition today launched a new website – – to shine a spotlight on poison pill policy riders that must be taken out of appropriations legislation. This comes as committees in the U.S. House of Representatives have begun passing appropriations bills, many of which contain dozens of inappropriate riders that risk a costly and disruptive government shutdown on Sept. 30.

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